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Thank you for choosing what we believe to be the best choice for winter protection for your boat, a Fisher Winter Storage Cover.

We are a small company located in the historic city of Burlington, NJ. Fisher Canvas Products, Inc. was founded by Fred Fisher in 1991. Fred grew up in the business; at the age of 10, he began assisting his father, Harold Fisher. When the senior Mr. Fisher passed away in August of 1988 Fred and his brother continued to operate the business their father started, Harold F. Fisher & Sons. In the spring of 1991 Fred decided it was time to strike out on his own and he formed Fisher Canvas Products, Inc. in July of that year.

The main stay of the business is and has been Winter Boat Covers. These covers where first made by Fred's dad in the early 1960's. Since that time little has changed except the boats. "We still use cotton fabric, why? Because nothing has come along that can out perform it for durability and longevity." Fred's dad knew, and it has only been proven time and time again, that cotton canvas can out last the more costly synthetics over the life of the cover. "We have customers bringing covers in for repair that are 12 to 15 years old." Not that all covers will get that kind of life, but with proper care and a little common sense it is estimated to get 10 seasons of use from a Fisher Boat Cover, if not more

Choose Your Class

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Class 1

Center Console / Skiff / Runabout

Class I boats consists of a hull and thats it. No cabin to speak of and other then a windshield there is nothing to protrude above the deck or gunwale. These boats range in length from 14' to 22' by the popular manufacturer's but as a 'Go Fast; they can reach up to 40' and longer. "Cigarette, Scarab and Donzi" comes to mind. They may or may not have inboard engines. 

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Class 2

Walk Around Cuddy / Cuddy Cabin

Class 2 boats is the next step up in the chain and typically an open skiff boat with the addition of a small cabin under the front deck - one that a person could standup in. The boat might have a head and Vee Birth. Windows on the side usually indicate the presence of a cabin. these boats range in length from 19; to 28' typically. Outbards are more popular than inboards in this class of boat but not by much

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Class 3

Shelter Skiff / Command Bridge

A class 3 boat starts to get wider in the beam but could run in length from 17; to 40;. Any class 1 or class 2 boat with the addition of a hard top/t-top is elevated to a class 3 boat. Class 3 boats also may have an enclosed main cabin and may or may not have a cabin below the front deck. Some of the additions to these boats are a bridge on the top of the cabin such as on a 28' Bertram or a 30' Sea Ray Sedan. 

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Class 4

Express Cruiser

Boats in this class have a full cabin under the forward deck. There may be the addition of a radar arch; common but not necessarily on all boats of this class. These boats generally range in the length 24' and up. Boats that fall into this category but are less than 24' are generally thought to be class 2 boats. Some additions, along with the radar arch, are a pulpit and an extended swim platform. 

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Class 5

Hardtop Cruiser / Cabin Cruiser

. This boat is a class 4 with the addition of a hardtop coming off the windshield. Bayliner Motor yacht club model 3270 and Chris Craft Catalina 310 are good examples. Items that usually indicate a Class 5 is a full salon with a trunk cabin protruding above the forward gunwale. Additional items such as flying bridge, pulpit swim platform and radar arch mounted above the bridge. 

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Class 6

Motor Yacht / Trawler / Double Cabin

The largest style of boat. Class 6 encomposses all the features of the previous 5 classes of boat. The width at the transom of these boats is about 144'. typically there is a rear cabin. If there is an extended hardtop over the rear deck, it is usually attached to a radar arch. The bridge is located above the salon cabin and forward of the rear hardtop and may have a hardtop of it's own. 

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Class 7


We are currently not manufacturing covers for sailboats.

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